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Failure: Thought of the day- 20-06-2016

Mind-28: Thought (Quotes) on Failure:

It is 21st century and now there is a demand of multi tasking. Multi tasking means doing so many things but it does not means  doing so many things at a same time. Example: if you have to do work on 3 tasks then first focus on 1 task at a time. Once it is completed then take 2nd task and after completion of 2nd task, do work on 3rd task. By doing that way all tasks will be done efficiently with good results. On the other hand if you start doing work on all three tasks simultaneously then there are lot of chances of mistake and failure .

Efficient way of doing work:

If you want the good result of your tasks then do that work with full focus and mental energy. The efficient way of doing the work is that before starting that work make a clear picture of output, what do you want from it. and what are the best possible way to do that.  Once you find the best possible way for that then take your action on that with your mental energy.

It is very easy to start so many tasks but very difficult to complete all tasks and that is the major cause of failure. It is better to do little tasks but in an efficient way.

Lack of persistence is also a major cause of failure , You can read my full thought on persistence here.


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