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How to Overcome Failure by Sandeep Maheshwari


Whenever failures comes to our life , at that time we get disturbed, Some goes in to depression state and some are not able to handle the situation . So how can we overcome the failure and what can we do at the time of failure. For this I want to share one video with you that is How to handle failure by Sandeep Maheshwari.

Source Channel:  Hinglish Videos

Step By Step Guide to Handle Failure:

In above mention video Sandeep Maheshwari explains about four steps to handle Failure. Lets understand each step of failure:

Step-1:  Face it ..

Face It Completely with 100% of your Heart and Mind. Detach yourself from failure and observe it why this person has been failed and don’t give excuses. 

Step-2:  Accept it..

Whether it is in front of 1000 people or 1 lakh people just accept it .. Yes I am fail in this work but not in Life.

 Step-3: Learn from it..

This is the most important step because success comes from experiences and experiences comes from failures. Your purpose should be learning whether you win or lose. Your Goal in life should be like ,  what are you becoming from inside.

Step-4: Grow out of it..

Purpose should be like..Whether you achieve it or not You should grow out of it.

These steps are also applicable for Success.

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