How to control your Anger?

How to Control Anger?

Health-26: Thought (Quotes) on Anger:

One minute of anger can destroy your many years of relationship in minutes and it also effects your health. Many people thinks that they are short tempered and they become angry very soon and it is their habit but that’s  not true. You can control it.

How to control your Anger?

Have you ever got angry on your Boss ? Most probably, No because you know that it will harm you. But most of the time we get angry on our close ones at that time it looks good but after some time we get upset and think that we should not be angry.

I want to share one technique with you for controlling your anger i.e. Gap of 2 minute at the time of anger . So next time  whenever you get angry then silent your mind for 2 minutes. So that you can properly judge the situation. Let’s understand this through an example:

Suppose you have two child , One is 10 years old and another is 6 years old. 6 year old child came to you and told you that his 10 year old brother has broken his toy then you get angry and slap him without listening to him . But after some time you get to know that he did not broke it. At that time if you silent your mind for 2 minutes and listen to your 10 year old child then you get to know about truth.

So Next time whenever you get angry then silent your mind for 2 minutes then you will  take proper decision for the situation.

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