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How to Control Mind by Sandeep Maheshwari ( Video + Discription )

How to Control Your Mind ?

In This Article How to Control mind , you will learn the three Steps to Control your mind. If you know Hindi then first watch this video. This Video is in Hindi and More than 1.7 Million people already watch this video till 29th December 2017 .

If you don’t know Hindi then you can read this video in English.  In the end I clearly mention three major steps for Controlling your Mind. I hope that you will like this video and share it with your loved ones. 

How to Control Mind Video Translation in English :

Sandeep Maheshwari: There are some issues where it doesn’t matter whether you have a deep understanding or not. Let’s say there are two political parties. Some think one politician is right while others feel another politician is the right one. It will be a never ending debate. But what’s the point? If you ask these very people what they understand about their own body, Whoosh! A big zero. This is called getting dragged away by the Mind. They are using their Intellect in things that are useless and thus, a waste of time. Discussing all these subjects are a total waste of your Intellect. This is how we deplete our energy. If you spend your Intellect on the right things, the Mind will be in control. Rather, you will not have to make an effort to control it. Do everything in a balanced manner. That is the only solution. Going to extremes is what makes us perish. The Mind is very cunning. Everybody’s Mind. Not just yours, or mine but everybody’s. We have to realize how tricky the Mind is. And once we understand this, we can then control the Mind. As soon as the Mind tricks you, you can bring in your Intellect and therein kick the Mind away.

Audience: Then, how should we train our Intellect? How can we make it strong?

Sandeep Maheshwari: Good question. Just think, what is the food for the Mind? Experiences. If you feed the Mind with all the experiences that you feel are pleasurable, the Mind enjoys them more and more. The Mind constantly demands such experiences. In a way, it is addicted. If for instance, today you took one peg of liquor, will your Mind be satisfied how to Control your Mind? 9 with it? Yes, but only for that very instance. The next time, it will demand one and a half drink. And then two, three and so on. The more you will drink, the more it will demand. This is the very design of the Mind’s working. It does not care if the thing is right or wrong. The Mind just seeks pleasure, irrespective of whether it is right or not. Facts, knowledge and reasoning! What do you think my sessions are for? For your Mind?

 Audience: For the Intellect.

Sandeep Maheshwari: They are for your Intellect, exactly. Strengthen it. Look at the reality. Whatever task you are engaged in, be fully aware about it. People are rushing outside, wandering everywhere. Why? Because their Mind drives them. This world is a huge marketplace. A place where to make money, marketers won’t even think twice before selling you poison in the name of pleasure. And your Mind will run for it without even thinking about the consequences. As long as it likes the taste and feel of it, the Mind will literally feed on even garbage. So, the only savior is the Intellect. And how to sharpen it? Right knowledge, in-depth information. Knowing the difference between right and wrong. Thus, when we hear, read, understand and think about the right things and if we apply them in our daily lives: what do you think will happen? Will this strengthen the Mind or will it sharpen the Intellect?

Audience: The Intellect.

Sandeep Maheshwari: Exactly. The more powerful your Intellect becomes, the greater control you will have over the Mind, and on your life. To decode it further, the Mind has three weaknesses. And if you are able to conquer these three, one after the other, then you are the master and the Mind is nothing more than your slave. How to Control your Mind? 10 The first weakness is when something good happens to you. Something that you’ve been wishing for so long to happen. Let’s say you’ve been planning about what you would do at your best friend’s wedding. What would you wear? How would you dance? And then that day arrives. What happens at such situations? One loses one’s control and gets carried away. The Mind takes over and things get messy. Like a domino of mistakes one after the other. You may have noticed how some people go crazy when they become mad with joy. People start talking insolently and regret their behavior later. Thus, the first weakness of the Mind is becoming over-excited. Although, getting excited is perfectly all right, but to be over excited isn’t. Keep a composed Mind and stay balanced. This is the first art we have to learn. Second. Imagine what you feel when something adverse is happening to you. What happens to our peace at that time? It starts wavering. We go crazy. We start getting irritated. Let’s say your wife or girlfriend or your parents say something to you that gets you irritated. Or perhaps they are doing something you do not like. One way is to get angry and lose your calmness. But there’s another way to approach it as well. Now you are looking at the situation calmly, without reacting in any way. You decide only after some time as to how you want to react. That too, only if it is necessary for you to react. Notice the difference between the two situations. In one case you are genuinely angry and express it. In the second case you aren’t angry but acting as if you are. This means that you are able to understand that anger is rising within you. You are in control. You can see that sensation of anger coming and going. So if you are in control, you won’t label your feelings or sensations as good or bad. Because you would be in complete control. It’s your choice, whether you want this sensation of anger to control you or not. A little while ago, I’d gone to a dentist as I had pain in my tooth. He said he’d give me an injection to sedate my mouth so I don’t feel any pain. I asked him to go ahead without the injection. So he started doing his procedure and of course, all of us know, toothache is an intense one. It’s very painful. But I wanted to see what happens. With childlike fascination, I was watching it. Watching the whole process as it happens. How to Control your Mind? 11 Now what I noticed were several types of pain. One occurs a few seconds even before the knife touches the skin. What we call pain, is actually fear. Fear from a particular sensation. This fear triggers the sensation even before it actually happens. If we capture that fear in that moment, it disappears. After that, when the knife initially touches the skin, that’s when the painful sensations actually begin. And it is at that very time, as one watches with fascination, if one removes the label of pain assigned to the sensation, it remains a mere sensation only. Do you understand? It’s not a pain, it’s a sensation. The perspective changes from that of being scared of it to being curious to observe it. It’s a part of life. Just as pleasure and pleasurable sensations are essential, painful feelings are needed too. Imagine this. If there is pain in some part of your body, is it good or bad? It’s good. Because it indicates that there is a problem somewhere and you need to have a solution for it. If you suddenly die one day without any prior indication or symptoms in your body, then is it good or bad? Pain is good for our survival. It keeps us cautious. If it would not have been there, then a child will go and jump right into the lame. But the inbuilt intelligence of the child raises an alarm by causing pain and a burning sensation whenever the child goes near the Lames. So, pleasure and pain, both these sensations are good for us. It’s just that we need to understand them. The problem is not with pleasure. The problem is in running away from pain and being attached with pleasure. The problem is in the actions we undertake in seeking that pleasure, out of desperation. Otherwise, there is absolutely no issue in experiencing pleasurable sensations. You are thirsty, you drink some water: there’s nothing wrong with that. It merely means something is working well. Now if you put chili powder in your eyes, and they start burning, you’re obviously doing something wrong. There’s no point crying now. If you stop doing foolish acts, the pain will go away. It’s that simple. Thus, if you are able to watch this process as it unfolds, then all that remains is a sensation. You can sit and observe very calmly as to what is going on. My mind is getting a danger signal. But my Intellect tells me that this is not dangerous, it is in fact, vital for my existence. If I do not get this signal, the How to Control your Mind? 12 problem will magnify. Hence, what I should tell my mind is: This sensation is not bad, it’s good for the body that you are protecting. Incidentally, the suffering experienced by the Mind is called by different names such as stress, anxiety, restlessness or depression. On the other hand, what the Body feels is described as pain. Neither of them is bad. Just as we spoke about it earlier, both suffering and pain are in fact good. Whenever your Mind feels stressed, you realize that something is wrong and hence you start feeling uncomfortable. Otherwise there will be no stress. There is no such thing as suffering in this world. It’s actually an illusion or our imagination. We have mistaken a lie for the truth, and this suffering is caused by ignorance. Otherwise it is not possible and is completely illogical to be depressed. All right, let’s take one more step forward. One can either feel extremely pleasurable sensations or extremely painful sensations but only for a few minutes or seconds in a day. But what happens in the rest of the day? Nothing, neutral. What should one do in those times? People are unaware of that. Understand carefully. When we are not doing anything, what are we actually doing? This is the biggest art. If you just sit quietly, and even in that neutral state, are feeling great joy from the inside, what do you think will happen to the stress in your life? Will it increase or decrease?

Audience: Decrease, of course…

Sandeep Maheshwari: Yes, it will almost be over. After all, what is all this stress about? We are not stressed out about two square meals a day. The additional desires that we have cultivated over years, cause this stress. This baggage of our position, reputation, fame and what not. If we keep our life simple, there will be no stress. Sit calmly, in a neutral state and feel the peace within you. Then you will be able to understand what it means to be absolutely contented with yourself. This is the highest level of existence. All the other things are tools that help you get to this state. Until you think deeply about life, you How to Control your Mind? 13 can’t really reach here. If you sit down calmly, I can assure you that in a maximum of ive minutes, you will get bored. You always need something to do. And why’s that? Ever thought about it? Either you seek something because you think it will give you a pleasurable experience, or you fear that what if you come across a situation that gives you a painful experience. Is there anything you can think of besides these two things? Both these things are temporary. They come and go. What is permanent? Out of 24 hours in a day, these two states remain only for a few seconds, but what occupies your time for the rest of the day? The neutral state. What is this neutral state? Have you experienced the Sound of Silence?

 Audience: Yes

Sandeep Maheshwari: Now observe it closely and you’ll understand what I’m saying. When there is neither a pleasurable nor a painful experience, what’s there? One is your consciousness, or yourself. The other is the Sound of Silence.

Three  Steps to Control Your Mind :

Before you read three steps , Please also read these important points of the How to control mind Video :

  • Do everything in balance.
  • Food for Mann is Experiences and Food for Mind is Knowledge, Facts & information.
  • You can strong your mind by Gaining the right knowledge & right information.


Don’t be over excited in life.

Step-2 : 

Whenever something is not happening according to your wish then don’t react immediately, First think then react.


When you are not doing anything  and your state is neutral*,  if you learn to happy in that state then you don’t need anything  and your life become very simple.Just be happy with yourself.

* Neutral state is Sound of Silence. You can realize this sound by doing Ear plug Meditation.

Please comment below if you have any query , We are giving answer to every question.


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