How to get rich, Amir kaise bane

How to Get Rich By Sandeep Maheshwari | Amir Kaise Bane with Video

The secret of Multi Millionaires:

If You want to become Rich quick then you have to work on yourself. Today I will share the secret by using that you will get to know how to get rich in a short time. Everybody wants financial freedom but not everyone gets it and there is a reason for that. Thant’s Why Poor is becoming Poor and Rich is becoming more richer.To Know the Secret of Multi-Millionaires watch this Sandeep Maheshwari Video that is How to Become Rich in Hindi By Sandeep Maheshwari 2020 | Amir Kaise Bane

If I ask you do you really want to become Billionaire then what will be your Answer…  Tell me… ? ? Definitely YES that’s why you are reading this article and find the answer to become Billionaire so that You can work on that and use the exact strategy that Billionaires are using to become a billionaire.

Who is Poor?

How to get rich, Amir kaise bane

So In the Above Video Sandeep Maheshwari tells his definition of Poor. A Person Who is always thinking about Money from morning to night that is a Real poor. The main reason we are poor is that We are living our lives in the comfort zone.

A few months ago I read a Story,  There was a dog who was sitting just near the beggar. Every day that dog is crying when he sits there. One old man observing that every day. Finally, he decided to ask this to beggar Why this dog is crying then Beggar said that he is sitting on a place where one metal nail present and he sits every day there then why he is not changing his position then Beggar said that it is not so much painful as of now… That’s why.

We are also doing the same thing We are living our life in a comfort zone and not doing much to change it.

Secret to Become Rich:

How to get rich, Amir kaise bane

If you really want to become rich then you have to come out from your comfort zone . The main reason poor is always poor is their Conditioning . They are conditioned to be like that. If you want to become rich then you have to conditioned your mind like rich people. The Biggest Question is that How will you conditioned your mind like Rich. So here is the solution for that…

You can condition your Mind Like Billionaires or Crorepatis by using the following methods.

1:  Books : You can read a book like Think and Grow Rich by Napolean hill this is also my favorite book and It is one of the Best Ever book written for becoming Rich.  You must read this twice and refer this book from time to time . You can also read books similar to that…

2: Videos:  To conditioned your mind like Rich watch the videos of Rich people. Watch Interviews, Autobiography, and their life main habits and beliefs.  I would like to suggest a few names you must start with Elon Musk, Steve Jobs , Bill gates, Ratan tata , etc..

3:  Personal Development Courses: Nowadays you can learn anything online and there are lots of courses available, You can take course as per your choice and in a short time you can learn anything.

I hope that now you are clear that for becoming a Rich you have to condition your Mind Like Rich. This is the Answer for Becoming Rich (Amir kaise bane)

if you have any queries then you can ask in the comment box. We will answer that Query as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. Have a wonderful day and I wish that you will become rich soon. ( App Bahut jald Amir bane)


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