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Make Money: Thought of the day: 12-06-2016

Wealth-26: Thought (Quotes) on Make Money:

There are lot of ways to make money and some of them are good and some of them are bad.  If you make money by unethical way then you will not feel well.  Feel Good factor will always be missing.  For making money if you have to tell lie, cheat with someone or making fool to anyone for that then it is not worth to make money.

Best Way to make Money:

The best way to make money is a way in which you can feel proud in your eyes. You can enjoy your life and you feel good after spending that money with your family, friends and relatives.

On the other hand if you make money by doing that kind of a work in which you can not enjoy life  because of fear. Initially you feel good but at the end of day you can not take restless sleep . If someone rang your door bell at night then you can not sleep.

There is an abundance of money available for everyone but for receiving that money you have to become capable of it. There are many multimillionaires who make money by honesty  and many people thinks that you can not make big money by good way but that’s not true.

I want to suggest you that if you really want to make big money then make in a way that you can feel good in front of your eyes and eyes of your child.

At last i want to say that….

“Honesty is the best policy and money making by it is the best way to make money”

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