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Positive Attitude: Thought of the day: 29-06-2016

Mind-29: Thought (Quotes) on Positive Attitude:

Our life is like a dimmer switch or you can say that it is like a sinusoidal wave. Sometimes it is positive and sometimes it is negative. When are we on positive side of it  then good things happen to us and our productivity increases. On the other hand if we stuck in some negative patterns  of thought then we loose our productivity in many areas of life even in those things in which we are good.


Life is a  game and sometimes we lose and sometimes we win.  Everything not happens to our wish. I have seen so many people who stuck in negative patterns of thought due to some circumstances. At that time it is very difficult to go to positive side because our mind generates  bad feelings which causes us to take some negative actions which effects not only our life but life of our family members.

How to achieve positive state in bad situation?

There are many ways to overcome from that state and i want to share one method with you that i used to overcome in that situation i.e. Positive attitude.Whenever something wrong happens then think positive side of it and remember that everything happens for a reason. If you are not able to think positive side of it then immediately interrupt your mind for creating any negative pattern   Let’s  understand it through an example:

Suppose you went  for a job interview but you did not get selected for it,at that time if you stuck in negative pattern of thought then you will loose confidence and will not able be to prepare yourself for next interview. At that time, you can say to your mind that i deserve better than this and i will prepare more for next job interview. By doing that instead of losing your time in negative feeling you can charge yourself for next interview and this can be done by Positive attitude.

Always remember …

“Everything happens for a reason”


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