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Positive Thinking: Thought of the day- 14-06-2016

Mind-27: Thought (Quotes) on Positive Thinking:

Are you really a positive thinker? If not then this thought is must for you. Positive thinking is must for everybody  because it encourages you to take actions even in uneven situations and if you think positive in any negative situation then there are more chances of getting good results.


Suppose you are preparing for an exam and your friend told you that this time exam paper will be very tough and no body will  pass. If you are a negative thinker then you will stop preparing for it and think that no body will  pass so why will i prepare so much. On the other hand if you are a positive thinker then you will continue your study and prepare for the exam. By doing that your chances of getting pass will increase.

Subconscious Mind:

You subconscious mind is not able to differentiate between real and imaginary experience and your Subconscious Mind is having an ability to convert Imagination into Reality.  Your subconscious mind is 90% more powerful than your conscious mind. You can also refer to as GOD and it has infinite intelligence.

If you think positive in the form of image (output result) then it will assume it as reality  then  make it as a reality for you . That’s why it is recommended to think on solution rather than problems.

Click here to know about working of subconscious mind on the basis of law of mind.

At last i want to say that..

“Always think positive and be positive”


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