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Thought of the day: 08-06-2016 (Creative Imagination)

Wealth-25: Thought (Quotes) on Creative Imagination:

Yes you read it right, by using your creative imagination you can convert intangible thought in to tangible money. To understand this, first of all let’s understand that we are not able to think in the form of alphabets. Example:  If I say xxxxyyyysss What comes to your mind….Nothing correct.if I say Apple, Car, Key..Now you can see the pictures of it … correct. So that means we think in the form of PICTURES.

 Creative Imagination:

Everyday new inventions  take place. Which are nothing but the imagination of someone. By using your creative imagination power you can also do something which is the need of society , if you did that then you will earn money by that. That means your intangible thought will be converted into the tangible money.

Example: Last month due to pollution in delhi, Delhi government ban the diesel vehicle for taxi for 10 days and they are allowed to run their taxi till their permit is valid . Now sale of the CNG vehicle has been increased and many people are working to create solar vehicle. Some of them already created electric car and they are still working on that to make it more reliable.Who will make that vehicle will earn lots of money due to his imagination and it is a need of vehicle market.

Similarly you can also do in your interest if you think that society need it. Before the creation of thing in outer world it is created in mind. If you have a clear picture of it then you can create that thing easily. For that you can do creative imagination.

Click here to learn visualization  technique for creative imagination.

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