Thought of the Day: 15-05-2016 (Laugh)

Health-21 :Thought (Quotes) on Laugh:

Today’s Thought is dedicated to those person’s who don’t know how to laugh at yourself because people always make fun of those person who don’t know how to laugh at yourself.

Fun at You:

If you observed that then you will find that most of the jokes are centered to those people who get’s irritated very soon because they took the  joke very  seriously and they don’t know how to laugh at themselves. If they enjoy their joke and just laugh at that then people lose interest on them and they stop teasing them because there are not getting response or irritation by another person.


If you say to any girl that you are looking so fatty then most of the time girls get irritated and trying to justify her. If you say this after 2 hours then again she will justify her.

On the other hand if girl give no response to it and laugh on this then what will happen ??You will lose interest on this phrase and you stop saying that.

Effect on Health:

Ultimately It effects your health if you get irritated by someone’s joke because  your mood will be very bad and you will not feel good.

On the other hand if you learn to laugh at your self then it will improve your health because Laughter is the best medicine.

So next time if someone tease you or make joke on you  then give them a Big smile. It will make you happy and your mood will also become good.

So Always  laugh at yourself.







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