Thought of the day: 20-05-2016 (Love Yourself)

Health-22: Thought (Quotes) on Love Yourself:

The day you accept yourself as you are is the best day of your life because many problem occurs in our life due to criticism. If you criticize yourself for anything for example: small or medium height,  low or heavy weight,  bad voice etc then you have to face many problems in your life such as poor health due to criticization of your body.

How is it works?

Every moment in our body new cells are created and they are replace with the  dead cells and these cells are created according to our mood or feeling. So if you will criticise your self or others then negative feeling cells will be generated and it can harm your body in long run.

How to love yourself?

First of all never criticise anyone (including you) for anything means what ever happen in your life take the responsibility of it on you.

Second thing: Everyday in the morning you can stand in front of mirror and look into your eyes and say I (your name) love myself and accept myself as I am and I am  perfect, complete and whole in this world, I am grateful to be like this.

Just try it…. you will really feel loving yourself.

I tried to explain it with your health and it is applicable for everything in your life because we are attracted towards those things in our life what we think.

So always love yourself for everything .





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