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Thought of the Day: 5-5-2016 (Drinking Water)

Health-19: Thought (Quotes) on Drinking Water:

According to Ayurveda , If you drink water after taking your heavy meal then it can cause 103 different illness. Some major illness are Constipation, Acidity, Ulser ,Cancer,  headache, heaviness in body etc

Working of Digestion System:

Whenever we take our meal then it goes to jathar ( it is a place where our food is digested) and it starts melting food like paste with the help of jathar fire. . This digestion process takes approximately 40 to 45 minutes.

Suppose if you drink water after 15 minutes then this jathar fire will be vanish and your food will not be digested and due to this undigested food remain in the body and causing acidity.

Due to heavy acidity there are 103 illness which can harm your body.

One more thing, Also drink water before 30 minute of your heavy meal for good digestion of food.

I am following this rule from last 4 years and it is really effective. You can also follow it because it is must for everybody.

You can also read basic rules of Ayurveda Here.

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