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Thought of the Day:30-04-2016(Pranayama)

Health-18: Thought (Quotes) on Pranayama:

First of all let’s understand the meaning of Pranayama , PRANA means Universal Life force (Breathing) and YAMA means Regulate or lengthen.

Pranayama is a science of controlling breathe, It means intentionally altered your breath. By doing pranayama you can achieve  good health because there is a direct connection between your Mind & Body through breathe.

Benefits of Pranayama:

There are lots of benefits of Pranayama:

  1. It improves the blood circulation (High BP or Low BP) because more prana or orygen reach the all parts of the body .
  2. All parts of the body function properly and specially Heart.
  3. It improves the Mental health and very helpful in cure of anxiety, depression , headache & tension.
  4. It is also helpful in increasing  Memory power, lighten your body, deep  sleep , relaxation etc.

Overall i would like to say that it improves Your Mind & Body health.

Pranayama Exercises:

There are lots of pranayama breathing exercises. I want to share three major exercises of Pranayama.

  1. Kumbhak: It is a 2 minute exercise, Sit comfortable on a chair or in sukhasana  , take deep breathe (Inhale) for 5 seconds then stop your breathe for 5 seconds then exhale for 5 seconds and again stop your breathe for 5 seconds (1 Cycle of it completed in 20 seconds). Six rounds of it are good for health.kumbhak 2. Anulom Vilom: In anulom vilom exercise alternate breathing is required through nostril this exercise is used for balancing the nadi’s (Surya Nadi & Chandra Nadi). In this exercise close one nostril and inhale from another nostril for 3 seconds after that close another nostril and exhale from previous nostril for 2 seconds. (Vice versa) Do it for 2 minutes.alom_vilom3. Kapalbhati: It is the most famous breathing technique of pranayama yoga. It is so beneficial that many people of india are doing it in their home. In kapalbhati you have to push out your  breathe (Forceful exhalation )through nostril and stomach will go inside (Automatically) .           In 1 minute do it 36 times and 2 minutes are good for it.   kapal_bhati_1
    Click here to watch the video of Pranyama Excercise.

At last i want to say that do it regularly at your home in empty stomach. It takes only 10 minutes and these 10 minutes of a day can change your entire life.

So do it regularly for healthy happy life …


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