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Thought of the day : 10-05-2016 (Digestive System)

Health-20: Thought (Quotes) on Digestive System:

Digestive system works good in early morning because at this time Digestive Fire (Zathar agni)  is having a high intensity. which is good for digestion of food. I have seen so many people who are taking light breakfast and medium lunch and heavy dinner which is not good for health.

Heavy Breakfast:

Heavy breakfast means you can eat as much as possible because in that time digestive fire is high, Second thing is that  you are also going for your daily routine work by which your body is in motion.

Medium Lunch:

Medium lunch means half of your breakfast , for example if you are taking 4 chapati’s in breakfast  then take 2 in the lunch. In that time digestive fire is in medium intensity. If you take heavy lunch then you will feel little bit drowsy or sleepy.

Light Dinner:

Light dinner means half of your lunch , If you take 2 chapati’s in lunch then take 1 chapati in dinner and best time to take dinner is 3 hour before of your sleep.

If you follow above mention routine for your meals then you really feel relaxed and energetic throughout the day.

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