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Thought of the day: 29-05-2016 (Communication Skill)

Wealth-23: Thought (Quotes) on Communication Skill:

Communication skill matters in every area of your life whether its relationship, friendship or business. if You have a good communication skills then you can easily impress others and this  matters most in selling of any product .  There are many business in which you can not sell the product if you don’t have good communication skills.

Lets understand this through a story :

Tangy Chillies vs Sweet Honey:

Once upon a time in Kanpur , There were two sellers . One was selling Tangy chillies and another was selling  Sweet honey . Every day Mr. x sold all his tangy chillies and make huge profit , On the other hand Mr. Y did not able to sell his sweet honey  then one person observed this incident and found that Mr. X was having a soft spoken skill and he talked to his customer very politely and respectfully. On the other hand Mr. Y  was talking to his customer very rudely that’s why he was not able to sell his sweet honey.

Now You can easily understand that if you have a good communication skill then you can sell any thing . It is not just limited for business but matters in all those areas of your life  in which relationship matters. Whether it will be husband & wife, Company & Employees , Friends & relatives , Girl friend or boy friend etc.

If you don’t have a good communication skills then you can read a book, How to win friends & influence people by  Dale Carnegie.

It is really a good book .



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