Thought of the day: 30-05-2016 (Headache)

Health-24: Thought (Quotes) on Headache:

Now a days many people are suffering from headache and they are taking pills for it which is not good for health. I want to share one ancient technique of India for headache relief. By using this technique you can easily get relief from headache and I also use this technique and it is really very effective.

Headache relief by using Nostril:

The nose has a left and right nostril. Right nostril represents Sun (Surya nadi) and left nostril represent Moon (Chandra Nadi). We are taking breathe through nostrils.

During a time of headache , try to close your right nostril and use left nostril to breathe, In about 5 minutes your headache will be gone.

If you are feeling tired then you can do the reverse process that means close your left nostril and take breathe from right nostril, in about 5 minute you will feel refreshed.

When you wake up in the morning then you can also check that which side breathe faster ? if left is faster  then you can close your left nostril and take breathe from right nostril you will feel refreshed.

So next time if you feel any headache then try this technique and share your experience with me.

Please also share it with your loved ones. So that they also know about it.


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