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Thought of the Day: 24-05-2016 (Knowledge)

Wealth-22: Thought (Quotes) on Knowledge:

Many big offices are having a library in their office because they know the power of knowledge. They provide  many resources to their employee so that they can grow. They know that if their employ gain the knowledge then it will also improve their work ability. In my office there is a library and my company conducts a training session on regular basis for enhancement of knowledge and some session for leadership skills , Health tips , office yoga etc.

Knowledge is Power:

I have seen so many rich people who read books on daily basis and they grow their knowledge in their field on regular basis . For specialization of anything they spend their money for seminars , audio/video programs , books because they know the power of knowledge.

On the other hand middle class people are trying to get free consultation and they are afraid to spend money on seminars , audio/video programs. They think that they don’t have money for that.  That’s why most middle class people remain middle class till life. If you want to shift from middle class people to rich class people then you have to gain knowledge for that.  If you don’t have money for seminars then you can read books.

Book reading is a time consuming process but seminar & video programs are quick way to get knowledge and both are necessary . One author share his many years of  learning through book and it cost average of 250 rupees for a book  and if you get the concept of that book then it can change your whole life. So read one book every month.

At last i want say that…

Increase your knowledge on daily basis and use it for your growth , If you don’t use it then it is equivalent to Garbage.



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