Best Time to drink the Milk

Health-25: Thought (Quotes) on Milk:

Milk is the rich source of calcium and there are lots of benefit of milk. Everybody should drink at-least one glass of milk everyday  which is very good for health.  If you can  get the Cow’s milk then it will be awesome because cow’s milk is best for health otherwise you can go for buffalo milk.

Best time for Milk & Juice:

According to Ayurveda , there is a time for taking the juice, milk and lassi or chach (Butter milk). If you take them in that time then it will be digested easily and will be benefited for health.

The best time for drinking the milk is after sunset because after sunset enzyme for digestion of milk is active more and digest the milk . If you take milk in the morning then it will take more time for digestion  because enzyme for digestion of milk is not active and you will not feel good. that’s why most people don’t like to drink milk.   I tried this thing with me and i really realized it.  You can also do that.

If you really want to drink something in morning then take fresh juice because enzyme for digestion of fruits is active in this time. Similarly for afternoon you can drink Lassi or Chach (butter milk).

At last i want to say that…

Juice in Morning, Butter milk in afternoon & Milk in the night.

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