Thought of the day: 25-05-2016 (Sleeping)

Health-23: Thought (Quotes) on Sleeping:

Everyday we sleep for at least 7 hour and if we get the deep sleep then we really feel energetic & refreshed . Some time have you observed that after taking a sleep of 8 hour you still did not feel refresh. If you are facing such issue then check your sleeping direction because it plays an important role for relaxation of body.

Scientific Reason for Sleeping direction:

As everybody knows that there is a gravitational force which is working¬† between body and earth.¬† Our head is a north pole and our legs are south pole. As magnet attract the different poles similarly if we put our head in south direction then it will stretch our body and we will feel refresh after taking a sleep . On the other hand if we put our head in north direction then north poles repel to each other and we feel very lethargic due to compensation in our body. That’s why it is recommended to sleep in south direction.

South direction is must for everybody to sleep specially for married couple . One more direction is preferable specially for child i.e. East direction. It is a direction of sun and good for learning.

You can check your bed direction by using a compass and slept in south direction by checking it. You can get compass application  in any smart phone.

So check it today .

At last i want to say that..

For Relaxation of your body always sleep in South direction.


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