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Thought of the day: 05-06-2016 (Success Recipe)

Mind-25: Thought (Quotes) on Success Recipe:

Today i am going to share a special recipe for you i.e. Success recipe. If you follow this recipe then success  will be yours. I am using this recipe for success, you can also use it.

Success Recipe:

“First write your SMART GOAL on paper then write an ORGANISED PLAN for it  after that mix it with FAITH, DESIRE & PERSISTANCE and take your actions”


Organised Plan: After writing your smart goal then write an organised plan for it. What can you do for achieving of it? write all possible option for it.

Faith, Desire & Persistence: Faith, desire and persistence are the ingredients of the success recipe which are must for achieving the success.

For faith i would like to say that…

” Miracles always happen in those person’s life, Who has a strong FAITH , So to see the miracle in your life, develop a Faith with in you.”

For Desire i would like to say that…

“Nothing is Impossible for a person if that person is having a Burning DESIRE with unstoppable FAITH because IMPOSSIBLE means I M POSSIBLE” Click here for more details of it.

For Persistence i would like to say that…

“Major Cause of Failure is lack of persistence and it shows the intensity of your desire, If you want abundance of persistence then mix WILL POWER with YOUR DESIRE”  Click here  for more details of it.

Take Action: Last but not the least is Your Action. If you did not take action on it then nothing will happen. So take your actions according to your plan.

Trust me if you follow above mention recipe then you  will definitely get the success.





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