Top 10 Inspirational Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes in Hindi and English:

Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes:

Before reading the Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes I want to share some information about Sandeep maheshwari because He is an Inspiring personality for millions of people.  I am also a very big fan of Sandeep Maheshwari.

Aasaan hai..

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Who is Sandeep Maheshwari ?

Sandeep maheshwari is a founder and CEO of Imagesbazaar. He is conducting seminars for free of cost and sharing his knowledge on the basis of real life experience not just the bookish knowledge. He is the No.1 Motivational Speaker of India and There are more 2.2 million subscriber on youtube and  more than 1.5 Million likes on Facebook till july 2017. You can download all Sandeep Maheshwari videos for free of cost on youtube. You can watch and download sandeep maheshwari videos on our channel also Hinglish Videos.

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Top 10  Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes in Hindi and English with Suggestions (Tip) :

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Quote #10:

“The biggest disease, what will people say”

Suggestion : Don’t be afraid from doing the thing that you love to do because of others.

“सबसे बड़ा रोग क्या कहेंगे लोग”

सुझाव :  दुसरो की वजह से उस चीज़ को करने से डरो मत, जिसे आप करना पसंद करते हैं।

Quote #09:

“Meditation should not be a torture. It must be fun! Start small. Five to ten minutes a day is a great start!”

Suggestion: To increase your concentration power, focus power  and observation power do meditation daily.


“ध्यान एक यातना नहीं होना चाहिए। यह मजेदार होना चाहिए! कम से शुरू करे | ५ से १० मिनट एक दिन में अच्छी शुरुवात है|”

सुझाव :अपनी एकाग्रता शक्ति , ध्यान केंद्रित शक्ति और प्रेक्षण शक्ति को को बढ़ाने के लिए ध्यान रोज़ लगाए

Watch Sandeep Maheshwari  Meditation technique in details here with my real life experience with meditation.

Quote #08:

“Speak Good, Listen Good, See Good”

Suggestion:  Try to see positivity in any situation of your life.

“अच्छा  बोलो  , अच्छा  सुनो ,  अच्छा  देखो”

सुझाव :अपने जीवन की किसी भी स्थिति में सकारात्मकता देखने की कोशिश करें

Quote #07:

“Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences”

Suggestion: Every failure gives you learning and learn it from your failures.


“सफलता  मिलती  है  अनुभवों  से  और  अनुभव  मिलते  है  ख़राब  अनुभवों  से”

सुझावहर विफलता आपको सीख देती है  और अपनी विफलताओं से सीखे

Quote #06:

“Life without a purpose is meaningless”

Suggestion: Create a SMART Goal in your life and do work on it. By doing that you use your energy in right direction.

“ज़िन्दगी बिना किसी उद्देश्य के अर्थहीन है”

सुझाव :अपने जीवन में एक स्मार्ट लक्ष्य बनाएं और उस पर काम करें। ऐसा करके आप अपनी ऊर्जा का उपयोग सही दिशा में कर सकते हैं

Quote #05:

“Not a Thousand.Find one Big reason to do what you want to do. That’s enough.”

Suggestion: You can achieve anything if you have a burning desire for it.

“केवल एक बड़ा कारण ढूंढिए उसको करने का जिसको आप करना चाहते हो वही काफी है|”

सुझाव :आप कुछ भी हासिल कर सकते है यदि आप के पास इसके लिए बर्निंग डिजायर है

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Quote #04:

“Everything you desire is within You. Look within, and you will find everything!”

Suggestion:  No body can help you to achieve anything in your life until you want it. You have infinite power to achieve anything you want.

“आप जो कुछ भी  चाहते है वह आपके अंदर ही है अपने अंदर देखिये और आप सब कुछ पा लेंगे|”

सुझावकोई भी आपके जीवन में कुछ भी हासिल करने में आपकी सहायता नहीं कर सकता जब तक आप इसे नहीं चाहते। आपके पास कुछ भी हासिल करने के लिए अनंत शक्ति है

Quote #03:

“Never underestimate yourself. You are much more than you think”

Suggestion: Whenever you feel low or less confident then listen uplifting music and remember your achievements in your life.

“कभी भी अपने आप को कम मत समझिये आप उससे भी बढ़कर है  जितना आप सोचते  है”

सुझाव : जब भी आपको कम या कम आत्मविश्वास  होता है, तो  उपलिफ्टिंग संगीत को  सुने  और अपने जीवन की  उपलब्धियों को याद करे

Quote #02:

“Always remember,You are much bigger than Your problems”

Suggestion:  A problem is not a problem until you consider it as a problem.

“हमेशा याद रखिये , आप अपनी समस्यायों की तुलना में  काफी बड़े है|”

सझावएक समस्या एक समस्या नहीं है जब तक कि आप इसे एक समस्या के रूप में नहीं मानते हैं।

Quote #01:

“ Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to be same”

Suggestion: Stop wishing and start taking your actions to change yourself in a better way in every day.

“बदलने की आपकी इच्छा आपके समान होने की इच्छा से अधिक होनी चाहिए”

सुझाव : इच्छुक होने से रोकें और हर दिन अपने आप को बेहतर तरीके से बदलने के लिए अपना काम करना शुरू करें।

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Aasaan Hai !!!


  1. Hi my problem is debt. I had taken many from many of friends and often response him to will return aftere few day. And thats bullshit this cycly is goes on. And i have no job . Have did mca from kiit university and was placed in mphesis but due some health issue i had to quit. So till now i have no job . And plese tell what i have to do.

    1. Deepak.. Right now Your health should be your first priority. If you are healthy then you can do work. If your parents can help you in clearing your debt then you can go for it. otherwise until you will not earn money by yourself then this cycle will go on and many friends will also lose trust in you. Please let me know if you need more suggestion on this.
      My best

    1. Make Fix time for studies for example i will study 1 hour . In that 1 hour switch off your mobile. Before studying anything make a plan otherwise you will waste your most time in deciding the topic and subjects. For increasing your focus power start doing Meditation , just 5 to 10 minutes in a day. Please reply me back if you need any more suggestion or anything.
      My Best

      1. Yes definitely. People are always saying just decide your goal you will be able to achieve anything .they say your concentrate automatically draw towards your studies but this is not happened actually with me. I found myself that I am not serious about anything .if l will try then also for just a two or three days I will be serious then again just that happened usually that I am not concern towards my studies .please sir answer me how I can remove this laziness plzz answer me

    1. Make a time table chart and follow it. If sometime your thoughts heavy on you then take a pause and ask a question to yourself..
      What is most important for me right now?
      By doing that you can effectively manage time.

  2. Hello sir
    I request you sir I have no job but not better felling mujhe English padna nhi aata ha
    Me English me baat chati hu
    I need help with me

    1. Hello sir I decide to motivate and inspire the board classes in school…. And I want to talk u about it….. Sir plz I need your advice

      1. Hi my name is kavitha, from hosadurga, karnataka. I m mother of two daughter and i lost my husband three years back. My life is moving v badly. But after waching sandeep maheshwari sir videos my life is changing. Every iday i lisen his speach, and thank u so much sir. My kids r very small, i will my best to take care of them. Wish me sir. Thank u so much. Asaan hai sir.

  3. My husband does not love me.he likes other i love him very much.mera kisi kaam me man b nhi lgta.meri shadi ko 3 yrs hue .how can i be happy with this situation. Plzzzz reply

  4. Sir kuch time phle m din m 5 s 6 hour Pd raha tha lakin ab m 1 hour bhi nahi p.s. pata hu I don’t no why bt jb bhi m Pdne k bare m sochta hu to endr s excuse aate h k nahi chl bahar jate h mera padhi m Dhyan nahi lg raha m kya kru sir help me

    1. Sudhanshu aisa ho jaata hai….
      Ab aap ko apne mind ko samjaahna hoga.. Ki agar aap nhi padoge to kya hoga ???

      Aap ek time table banao… Jaise ki mai 5-7 sirf padunga… fir 1 hour Tv or Ghoomna.. phir 1 or 2 hour study.
      Abhi aap 3 to 4 hour ka hi plan banao.. Zyada ka nhi
      Jab exam paas aane lage to bada dena …
      You can watch this video on You Tube Time Management Tips | How to utilize time effectively| Time Management by Sandeep Maheshwari

  5. Sir, my english conversation and vocabulary is very poor. I want to improve it and i start reading books but i suddenly feel that this will not help me and again i get disstressed

    1. For Improving your English Conversation You can do follwing things:

      1: Read books of English Speaking Course
      2: Watch English Movies and Songs
      3: Think in your mind in English (Before saying anything)
      4: You can practice English speaking by calling customer care of Your Mobile operator.
      5: When you feel comfortable then speak with your friends.

      Try this it helps you a lot.

  6. Pl suggest me how can I improve my self as a business man, husband, father, son, brother, social worker, spritiual and so so .

    1. Hi Anil,

      You have to be fully aware whenever you are playing any role. Awareness is light. By managing your time properly you can play each role very well. You have to maintain a balance in every thing.

  7. Sir, I want to move forward in cricket. But whatever needs to be done should not be done. Since my home situation is not good, I do not fx anything on study and cricket?

  8. Sir, I want to move forward in cricket. But whatever needs to be done should not be done. Since my home situation is not good, I do not fx anything on study and cricket

  9. Sir first of u r doing a great job so really congrats fr prblm is i want to became a singer nd my parents want me to become a doctor nd they r really believe in log kya khenge ndi don’t knw how to make my concentration in studies nd make myself happy in that…when i really don’t want to do that

  10. If u have two situation one is of ur family nd other is yourself ..for exam.apki fmily chahti h ki ap ye kam kro bt hme nhi krna ho to kiski suno ik trf apki fmly ki khusi or ik trf hmari khusi .is situation me kiski sune

  11. Sir muje ye janna h ki agr apke pas koi 2 situation h.ik vo kam jisse apki fmly chahti h or dusra vo jisse ap chahte h bt kya kre vo jisme hmari fmly ki khusi h ya fir vo jisse hm chahte h ..

  12. Dear sir,
    My name is Pintu Jana. Now I’m working in a finance company. But my problem is that every one tells that your name is very bad. And it is really upset and demotivates me. Kindly suggest & guide me on these problems.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pintu Jana

  13. Hiii it’s Nivedita..m completed my MBA in marketing..after that I have job also but because of some personal reason I quit my job.. N Like to speak but I can’t because fear n today m so nervous… I want to do something but I c can’t understand what can I do..please suggest me

  14. Sir mera padha hua memories nahi hota hai & phir mera score kam aata hai. Mujhe please koi solution dijiye Sir mai bohot stressed feel kar rahi hu. Regards sejal

  15. Sir mai Bds 1st year ki student hu mera kuch issues ki vajah se late admission hua hai to bohot Sara syllabus ho chuka hai hamari June 1st week se final exams hai clg ke teachers ne bhi revise karne se mana kar diya hai ab mai padhai karti hu to muze kuch bhi samajh nahi aa raha hai please sir show me the way

    1. You can take the help of Your Friend or your teacher.. First try it by your self.
      Example: Chapter-1 try to understand yourself if not understand it then take the help of your friend if not then teacher.

  16. Exam hone ki vajah se saare classmates busy hai &as I told u teachers said that’s your problem we can’t help u now what can I do

  17. I love my bestfriend , and he also love me we want to get married but the problem is that we don’t want to go against our family we both are from same cast but the problem is that my best friend is not yet working nd my family is always against her I don’t know the reason why my family also not having good exuse to hate her when I talk about that what’s the reason they give me very dump excuse which doesn’t meant

  18. hello sir
    i am prussing maths hons third year. My parents my friends everyone suggesting me after graduation you have to do masters in mathematics and then be a lecturer. But i don’t want to be lecturer. Besically sir i am not happy. i want to do something thats make me happy but i don’t konw what i have to do?? pls help…

  19. If we feel understress,tension and we think we cannot do nothing in life then what we are dooo i am hopless now????

    1. Hiii I like Your Speech so much…
      Bt My one query i want to share with u that,
      I have already doing job in government department but i want some more work to do in extra time so how can i get that extra work pls suggest …..

  20. Sir
    I recently joined as software engineer in a company. Daily I will start from my house at 7am and reach home at 9pm. Daily getting tired. Unable to give proper attention to my health. Sitting on one chair for hours together makes me gain more weight. I cant compromise my professional life because I know the struggle I faced for getting this job. Suggest me any solution sir.

  21. Hi Sir…,
    I have leftover my Job which gives me Satisfied for Monthly Basis.. But to fulfill my and My Parents Dreams,I choose Coaching..The problem is after 2Months,I getting Boring..Now I can’t Start Where I left..Even though I’m daily Motivated Too..Can u Plz Fix my Problem..

      1. Sir but I’m here on my force no pressure..with interest and effort only.When I have started im Ok But Later it became saying to myself Tommorow I’ll Start Studying But it went on One month.. I want to Start on my own but I can’t.Now the Exam Dates arrived.. What about my future if I have continued my present in this way..Can I fix it or shall I needed any better assistance..?

        1. Ask a Question to Yourself… Why have you started coaching ? What is your dream? Is it really your burning desire…
          Write down the answer for above mention questions in paper..

    1. agar interest nahi hai to mat ban doctor kyoki agar tujhse koi yah puchhe ki mai sakaharee hoo aur mughe mansahare banana hai lakin dikkat yah hai ki mujhe mans khana pasand nahi h

  22. I really want a solution for my problem. My problem is what should I do if anyone says to me about my body weight and when I receive many body shaming comments and also several names related to my body shape. Shall I just ignore them? Or Shall I answer them that you are no one to say anything bad about me? This things are totally depressing me. Please help me to get out from it.

    1. Just Smile on them… Take it as a Feedback and work on it.
      Say Yes you are right my body is like that… Please give me a suggestion .. what can i do to look like you?

      They are saying these because you are getting irritated by this.

  23. Sir, You are AWESOME…. Me and My bro. always get inspired by you and your events….
    Thank you so much sir… for inspiring us:-):-)

  24. I love a guy but I have not proposed him yet. The problem is that I study in mid-school.I am confused that should I propose him or not.Plz help me out…..

  25. Hii sir…. Maine v aapki almost sari motivational videos dekhi Hain…. And main sach m bahut jyada inspire huyi Hun….. But sir still my problem is there…. Main meri life Ka purpose nhe ptaa Kar pa rhi Hun….. Mujhe nhe ptaa ki mujhe kya krna Chahiye… If you have any solution for this than please suggest me….

  26. Hello sir ,
    I am Aisha singh …the problem with me is dat i think a lot…and due to which my mood also keep changing…i know dat i should not think negative …but still…i keep thinking about my life…want to do something …i give my effort but …still i keep myself positive… Sometime i m stressed out by thinking…. And i want sometimes to b left alone.a

  27. Mjy shuru s engineer bnne ka shok tha mera ek University m admission hogya computer system engineering department m ab m last semester m hn or 4 to 5 months reh Gaye Hein graduation m or uni m mne Jo information gain ki Jo knowledge mli wo theory basis p the practically kch NH sikha phr uni k middle time period m lga k software m scope h internet s khud learning KR k software m Thora BHT sikha kch uni m Sikh rh the phr ab jb job ka time Aya tw pta lga bhar tw ek race lgi h software s related logo ki different different fields m. Mne apni field m electronics or software mix prha but kch b itna NH prh Pai k abi kahin achi job ml jaye. GPA achi h masters k lye scholarship b mil jaegi but now I am confused ku k mne 4 sal life k engineering ko dedye or mjy is time wo output NH Mila Jo mne socha tha. Mera mind business side p acha chlta h tw mne socha ab wo krn Jahan Mera inner talent b h. Lekin mein BHT zda pareshan hn future ko lekr k MBA krn ya engineering m ksi achi field m masters krn kindly kindly reply me and guide me in this matter.

  28. A very close friend is dating a married man 20 years older then her. Her excuse is she is not happy with her own family dramas. How can i help her

    1. Instead of dating a 20 years older man who is already married.. She can date with a boy who is similar to her age.
      What will be the result of this Relationship…. 1: He left her after some time when his wife get to know about her (if he loves his family)
      2: If he did not love his family then divorce .. That means so much tensions and drama.

      So Ultimately she will again stuck in life now due to family and after some time due to his BF.

  29. Sir i need your little help, pura msg ek baar pdh lena sir, EK ldki h mere clg m meri class m, I love her even i think about her most of the time, she does not give me importance what should i do even she just reply my messages sometimes and sometimes she ignore it plz what should i do…

    1. Ankit ji Jab hum expectation karte hai to dukh hota hai… If you message her.. don’t expect that she would reply.
      Make some distance… Jab koi chiz bahut aasani se mil jaati hai to uski kadra nhi hoti…

  30. Sir Im Aradhya from karnataka, if i plan and i want to do some thing, but so many distractions wtever i hav planned for to do something and my intrest also went off

    1. This happens with almost everyone but Those persons who stick to it will get success in life.
      You can write your Goal in small card and read it every morning, So That you will stick to it.

  31. my problem is failure because I fail in 12th board (bseb) and i will examination in next year 2019 last Feb so plz suggest what I do that ..ager me iss Baar v fail ho gya tho kya karunga ..ager aap ke pass koi tips hai to…. plz tell me .

  32. Hi, i need a suggestion from you…im in a confusion,kbhi kbhi hum kisi cheese ko ya fir kisi cheese ko paane k liye bhut struggle krte hai,efforts bhi krte hai par fir bhi vo hume nhi milti,but agar mai saame kisi ko dekh rahi hu usko vo cheese bina kisi effort or struggle ke mil jati hai…so i felt unlucky sometimes and negative as well….what shaould i do in such situation…pls answer?

    1. First Make Your self capable of it.
      Sometimes we want that kind of thing we does not related to our basic nature.
      For Example : Sachin tendulkar tries for Singing and Lata Mangeshkar Tries for Cricket.
      What will happen ?
      If you want to specify something then let me know

  33. i am so confused in my life, i really don’t know what should i do in my life…..
    jb time tha life mei agge badhne ki to koi suggestion dene wale ni the life mei Aur sb kehte the ladki hai jada mt padhao fir v mei 10th aur 12th ki Aur jb time nhi hai to mei agge padh ni skte kyuki mere saddi krana chahte hai mere papa aur mei saddi krna ni chahte kyuki mei kisi bandhan mei abhi padhna ni chahte mei life mei kuch krna chahte hu agge padhna chahte hu But problem yeh hai ki mei apne Papa ko kaise kahu ki I am not ready for marriage right now becoz financial problem v hai ghr mei…. To kya mei apne sapno ko agge jo badhna chahte hu usko sacrifice kr du ya jo mei krna chhate hu life mei wo kru bss dar lgta hai life mei jo decisison lungi kahe usme mei fail nhh ho jau… Plzzz help mei what should i do ?? what step i taken plzzz reply mei????

    1. Sonali ji.. Apne aap ko pehle kuch banaye.. Matlab ki aap kisi pe dependent na ho… Aap ko aisa kuch aana chahiye jisse kal ko need hone par aap kama sake….
      Apne parents ko samjhaye aur kahiye agar maine aaj apne aap ko nhi banaya to shaadi ke baad pata nhi mai kuch kar bhi paayu ya nhi…
      example: Suppose someone husband is not good she can not leave him because she is dependent on him. or what happened if he is no more or left her..
      You can convence your parent by this and Please make your self capable to earn.

  34. Sir me jab competition me bethti hu mujhe tension ho jati h aur sab bigad jata h
    Jab neet ka exa
    Maine pichle sal diya ghabrahat ki vajah se bahut question galat ho gaye

  35. Hi,Sandeep sir my self Hina from bangalore firstly , I am very much inspired by only seeing ur first vedio itself when I saw first time I got really interest to watch more and more and now I have seen ur every sections and I am really inspired and I was like damp in my early life but now u woked me from my bad dream and made an easy way to leed life by saying (assaaan hai) ….. which has affeted me alot in my life and thank you so much sir for ur guiedence in every aspects of our life

  36. sir i am preparing for IIT and i failed for 2times now i become depreesed that what shoud i do now for fuiifilling aim what mistakes i am not able find and overcome from it sir plz guide me thankyou .

    1. Hey Rashmi.. How Many People are Preparing for IIT every year and How Many Seats are there ? As You Know Competition is Very High.
      First of All Honestly Ask yourself .. Are You really want to Crack IIT anycost ? Are You Ready to do Whatever required for that ? Do have interest and talent like those who are in IITs?
      I am not demoralizing you … But See the Reality.
      IIT is No.1 do doubt in that but apart from IIT .. There are also some good options .. So You can try them also.

  37. Just 1 month ago i have passed for 10th and now my goal to be a bowler in cricket but my parents and neighbours are telling you are taking wrong decision . In this situation what i have to do . Does i have to stay on my goal or should walk according to parents

    1. Hi Ragnesh,

      Are you taking any Classes for bowling?
      What you can do .. Continue your study and Do your Best in Bowling ..
      Be Honest to yourself..
      Millions are people trying to get in Indian Cricket Team but there are only 11 players in the Field.
      Yes Now a days lots of chance to play in IPL ..

      So You have to check … is it your real passion and you can do anything for it.. or its like.. you like to Bowl..

      Be Honest with yourself then take decision on the basis of correct understanding.
      Your Parents are worried about you that’s why they are opposing.

  38. I lost a man with whome i spent almost 6 years i tried alot to be with him bt dint work he got married with another girl. I started to focus on further studies.. My parents wanted me to get marry with some guy. I got ready for that nd felt ths wil help me to overcm my lonliness i got engaged ..after 1 month that engagement also got cancelled bcs that guy luv smeone else.. Any hw i m vry strong to handle all my situations bt sme times it hurts… That why me always

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